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The Tarantos Club emerged at the end of 2013 when Mas i Mas, the company that runs the venue, committed itself to a new identity and a new line of music for the Barcelona nightclub. Until then, the club, at night, had been a disco featuring music from the eighties and nineties, pop and more commercial sounds. With the appearance of the Tarantos Club, the venue moved towards DJ sessions and bands from more alternative, independent musical styles, such as soul, rock, surf and indie, which were very well received by a section of the Barcelona audience.

A disco bringing you the music of the eighties and nineties in Barcelona

For its disco sessions, Tarantos Club has a staff of top-class resident DJs, such as: Hal9000 – he began his career in 2006 when he began DJing at the BeCool Club, Depósito Legal and the Fantástico Club. From the dirtiest guitars to the sounds of Britpop including the most uncompromising indie and modern electronica. His sessions almost always make an impact. Glass Hat – God bless heresy! Midway between musician, disc jockey and showman, an exhibitionist without inhibitions, he takes art from everyday situations and turns his sessions into a celebration of the popular music of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties and styles like pop, rock, indie, house, dance and nu-disco. Bulma Beat – Wednesday nights will be the province of the best-loved DJs, committed to the most eclectic sounds ranging from the seventies to R&B, rock, pop, house, plain disco and EDM, among others. DJ Kerito – Since he arrived in Barcelona a few years ago, he has continued his tireless attempts to communicate his love for music to everyone. His main motivation is to get people enjoying the dancefloor and to drive them mercilessly into movement via the best indie tunes, the rock of the sixties and seventies for the most psychedelic moments, and danceable, electronic hits. Joe Cabana – a DJ with a range of genres so diverse it is impossible to know what he is going to surprise us with next. He gives free rein to his imagination and takes the liberty of continually reinventing himself by combining his most classical and most avant-garde sides.

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